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VQMS Pvt Ltd - A management Consulting Company and an Institution is one of the top Industrial training and Consulting platform for Feshers and Professionals.

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Appreciate your efforts you put in during training and I feel overall training was very successful . Rajat Mittal

Dear Sir, Thanks for all the effort that you put in to work with the Team and explain them in depth all the Practical applications of Lean management.Really appreciate your Guidance and personally thank you for taking the Time and working with the

Hello Sir ,Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all your support and guidance during our Lean 6 sigma project on defect management & control. It was a huge learning for the team and we benefitted a lot from your constant feedback & guidance. Although the project has gone through, what shall stay with us & reflect in our future projects as well; is the systematic & structured approach to problem solving & working transversally. Sincere Regards,

Dear VQMS Mgmt. Thanks.Your enthusiasm was our source of inspiration throughout, thank you very much for your continual support. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programme conducted at VQMS Lab was really a great success and achievement in our knowledge and career. The Program was indeed a great learning in terms of understanding the concepts and application using Minitab..Sunil Kumar.

Many Thanks to Mr. Anuj for his patience in clarifying our doubts. In all it was a memorable experience!!! Thanks & Regards,..Navneet Kr

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INSTITUTIONAL Accreditations - is a Quality management system standard used globally to have a standard towards delivering better education and as per quality standards.

It is used to establish and update your organization's or Institutions Quality Management System (QMS). Accreditations applies to all almost types of institutions, vertical and Organizations. It doesn't matter what size they are or what they do have.

Indian Govt. is paying much emphasis towards delivering Quality education to chidlrens , which can only be possible with Quality Standard or Accreditations

  • INSTITUTIONS plays a very important and crucial role in shaping not only individual, but whole society and nation
  • INSTITUTIONAL Accreditation palys a very important role in your institutions building and Brand image
  • INSTITUTIONAL Accreditation distinguished students to make your the mind in selecting the institutions for studies
  • INSTITUTIONAL Accreditations helps institutions to create market value among competitors
  • INSTITUTIONAL Accreditations helps institutions to create Brand value of institutions among their competitors

Institutions Accreditaitons is a process standard, it generally help organizations achieve standards of Institutions quality that are recognized and respected throughout the world.

Institutional Accreditations standards relates to Institutions Management Systems and is designed to help Insitutions ensure they meet the needs of Customers / Students and other Stakeholders. Accreditations is a very basic standard, helps in establisinig processes and procedures.

Accreditations gives upper edge for being certified in this competitive market.

Some of the requirements in Accreditations Standards include a set of Compliances procedures that cover all key processes in the business; monitoring processes to ensure they are effective; keeping adequate records; checking output for defects, with appropriate and corrective action where necessary; regularly reviewing individual processes and the quality system itself for effectiveness; and facilitating continual improvement.

Benefits of ACCREDITATION ? :

* Determine the needs and expectations of INSTITUTIONS / Customers

* Determine the capability of process for Institutions, as per basic processes implementation

* Helps towards branding policies, objectives and a work environment for Institutions

* Necessary to motivate people to satisfy these needs

* Design, implement and manage a system for Institutions of inter-related processes to implement the policy and attain the objectives

* Measure and analyze the effectiveness of each Institutional processes in fulfilling its objectives, and

* Pursue the continual improvement of the system from an objective evaluation of its performance

* More Branding and International Recognition towards Quality Education System.

* Best practices in the field of Quality education deliverables or following best quality standard on being Accredited.

* Getting competitive edge among competitors in adopting Quality education compliance standards (through Accreditation).

* Attracting educated parents who knows the value of Accreditation from accredited body.

* More Branding and International Recognition towards Quality Education System.

* Best practices in the field of Institution towards Quality education deliverables or following best quality standard on being Accredited.

* Getting competitive edge among competitors in adopting Quality education compliance standards (through Accreditation).

* Preferred Listing on VQMS website

* VQMS Blog Entry

* Advertisement in Official VQMS Magazine

* Conducting Train-the-Trainer International program on a very subsidized rates

* Subscription to Official VQMS Magazine

* One Press Release on Top News Sites

* Routine awards for students as per discussion with the Institutions

* Awarding students for winning specific competition at Institutions

* One Update on every Social Media Channel

* One News Release in the VQMS Newsletter

* Co-branded profile on VQMS

* 2 Page Interview of the Institution's Chairman in VQMS Accreditor Magazine or VQMS Website

* Online Promotion of your Institute

* Access to Annual seminars held by VQMs.

* Value of Money towards framing a Institution System , by being Accredited.

Interested organizations or Institutes ? Process of International Accreditation for Institutions ?

  • Pl send requirements or a mail proposal at INFO@VQMS.CO.IN
  • or Please call at office numbers
  • leader in HR/Admin/ Management team of Organizations, and Jr /Senior Management

Mode of Payment :
  • VQMS Flexible Payment modes are cHEQUE / NET TRANSFER / Cash or Others (any)
  • Other payment modes are Demand Draft / Cheque / Credit and Debit Cards.
  • DD/Cheque to be made in the favour of “Vigorous Quality Management System Pvt Ltd”, payable at New Delhi.

Expertise of IMPLEMENTORS :

  • Lead Consultants has sound expertise over working as a Principal Consultants / Quality Consultants / IT Manager /ITIL Implementor / ITIL Implementor / PM or project implementer at multiple organizations where they have extensive experience in the project implementation & control.
  • Currently team consist of Consultants/Sr. Consultants/Principal Consultants where they assists clients, manufacturers in the project management to reduce variation and improve quality and productivity.
  • Also, possesses expertise in the formation of project analysis, execution and control & application of various methods to achieve robust and reliable products as well as to estimate in successful execution of project with reduced variation.
  • In addition to providing consulting services, they regularly conducts workshops in industrial project management methods for companies.