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VQMS Pvt Ltd - A management Consulting Company and an Institution is one of the top Industrial training and Consulting platform for Feshers and Professionals.

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Appreciate your efforts you put in during training and I feel overall training was very successful . Rajat Mittal

Dear Sir, Thanks for all the effort that you put in to work with the Team and explain them in depth all the Practical applications of Lean management.Really appreciate your Guidance and personally thank you for taking the Time and working with the

Hello Sir ,Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all your support and guidance during our Lean 6 sigma project on defect management & control. It was a huge learning for the team and we benefitted a lot from your constant feedback & guidance. Although the project has gone through, what shall stay with us & reflect in our future projects as well; is the systematic & structured approach to problem solving & working transversally. Sincere Regards,

Dear VQMS Mgmt. Thanks.Your enthusiasm was our source of inspiration throughout, thank you very much for your continual support. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programme conducted at VQMS Lab was really a great success and achievement in our knowledge and career. The Program was indeed a great learning in terms of understanding the concepts and application using Minitab..Sunil Kumar.

Many Thanks to Mr. Anuj for his patience in clarifying our doubts. In all it was a memorable experience!!! Thanks & Regards,..Navneet Kr

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Article over SIX SIGMA in PHARMACEUTICAL industries :

Six Sigma can be defined a methodology that aims to produce near perfect production process. Six Sigma aims for a performance target of only 3.4 defects for every million opportunities that is, the processes need to be 99.999% defect-free.

The pharmaceutical industry is extremely large, dynamic and a highly profitable industry. Drug discovery and development is however very expensive and the industry is plagued with drug failures during the development stage. Of the thousands of compounds investigated for use in humans, very few are ever approved. Drugs very often fail during the development stage and thus do not return any revenue for the company.

The pharmaceutical industry has traditionally not been too concerned with being efficient perhaps due to the large profit margins. In recent years, the industry has been focused on expanding R&D capabilities via an open innovation strategy as a means to capture as much innovation as possible to drive new opportunities.

Customers may however potentially benefit from operational efficiency which leads to decreased R&D timelines which could result in drugs being available sooner on the market. Six Sigma is mainly thought of as a tool to seek operational cost savings which can be used to further strengthen or widen R&D. Customers may also receive some benefit as further R&D leads to new and innovative advances that enhance or offer improvement to current treatment.

The strategy to be used in this industry is DMAIC (Define, measure, analyse, improve and control), which aims at improving the current business processes.

Hypothesis 1: Six Sigma is a suitable strategic method for the pharmaceutical industry to enhance customer benefits.

Hypothesis 2: The pharmaceutical industry can use the experiences of other industries as a benchmark to formulate applications of Six Sigma which are Motorola, GE, Siemens, Nokia,

American Express and Volvo, Johnson & Johnson and Novartis.

Hypothesis 3: Pharmaceutical companies need to embrace Six Sigma in the entire organisation and not just manufacturing to realise the full potential of the method. Also the top management should be committed to the six sigma implementation also everyone should too be committed.

Hypothesis 4: Leadership and commitment is critical to the success of Six Sigma in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hypothesis 5: There is a difference in the application of Six Sigma in different companies so we need to implement that according to the nature of the company.