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VQMS Pvt Ltd - A management Consulting Company and an Institution is one of the top Industrial training and Consulting platform for Feshers and Professionals.

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Our Client Speak

Appreciate your efforts you put in during training and I feel overall training was very successful . Rajat Mittal

Dear Sir, Thanks for all the effort that you put in to work with the Team and explain them in depth all the Practical applications of Lean management.Really appreciate your Guidance and personally thank you for taking the Time and working with the

Hello Sir ,Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all your support and guidance during our Lean 6 sigma project on defect management & control. It was a huge learning for the team and we benefitted a lot from your constant feedback & guidance. Although the project has gone through, what shall stay with us & reflect in our future projects as well; is the systematic & structured approach to problem solving & working transversally. Sincere Regards,

Dear VQMS Mgmt. Thanks.Your enthusiasm was our source of inspiration throughout, thank you very much for your continual support. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programme conducted at VQMS Lab was really a great success and achievement in our knowledge and career. The Program was indeed a great learning in terms of understanding the concepts and application using Minitab..Sunil Kumar.

Many Thanks to Mr. Anuj for his patience in clarifying our doubts. In all it was a memorable experience!!! Thanks & Regards,..Navneet Kr

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OPPORTUNITY - TO - GROW towards..   Business Performance - Reducing Business Risk - Business Sustainability - Continual Impovement

Why Industry Ready Programmes?

Corporates have recognized the value and the need & have implemented a formal management systems approach to manage their business and thus require trained persons to manage their internal process and systems. This formal education is not offered in the existing curriculums of MBA, Engineering or any other Bachelors programme in Art, Commerce or Science.

This gap was felt by to make students gain the knowledge before they leave the University and thus we designed this “Industry Ready'' programme for the benefit of VQMS SixSigma - Students.

On completion of these courses students will be able to manage such systems.

This will not only create a difference to their practical knowledge but also enhance their employability.

The courses cover class-room and practical training cum interactive sessions, role plays and workshops based on recent case histories, thus ensuring that the skills and methodologies transferred are current. Students will learn to implement and audit management systems. On qualifying these courses a student becomes capable to be considered as executive professional.

Process for Vocational Program at Colleges / Institutes / Retail level at VQMS Labs

1. Request / Counselling via Mails - INFO@VQMS.CO.IN or Call

2. FREE Career Counselling / Benefits via (Telephonic / Direct Visit)

Lean Management

Lean Management is applicable in any sphere of human activity, and a variety of industries - small and large from Retail, Office and Service industries have begun to appreciate the benefits of Lean Management and are transforming themselves.

Lean Management is defining the purpose of the organisation in terms of customer value, designing and executing the right value streams and processes for achieving the purpose ,and aligning the people touching the process and building problem solving capability in them

Six Sigma

Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the

causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business

processes. It uses a set of quality management methods, including statistical methods, and

creates specialized peoples within the organization such as ("Black Belts", "Green Belts","Yellow Belt" etc.) who are experts in these methods.

Quality Management Systems

QMS represents an international consensus on good quality management practices. To keep customers satisfied, the organization needs to meet their requirements.

The ISO 9001:2008 Standard provides a tried and tested framework for taking a systematic approach to managing the organization's processes so that they consistently turn out products that satisfies customers' expectations.

Risk Management

ISO 31000 is the international standard for risk management. It provides principles and generic guidelines on risk management.

ISO 31000 is a useful standard for any public, private or community enterprise, association, business, group or individual. ISO 31000 applies to any activity in a business including strategies and decisions, operations, processes, functions, projects, products, services and assets. It also applies to any type of risk, Whatever its nature, whether having positive or negative consequences.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management is a management process that identifies potential impacts that threaten an organisation and provides a framework for building resilience and the capability for an effective response which safeguards the interests of its key stake holders, reputation, brand and value creating activities.

This means BCMS is therefore inclusive of disaster recovery, business recovery, crisis management, incident management, emergency management, product recall & contingency planning.

ISO 27001 is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate security controls that protect information assets. An ISMS requires establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System within the context of the organization's overall business risks.

Information Security Management Systems, IT Service Management

With the increasing dependencies on support services and the diverse range of technologies available, service providers can struggle to maintain high levels of customer service.

ISO 20000 promotes the adoption of an integrated process approach to effectively deliver managed services to meet business and customer requirements.

The standard enables service providers to understand how to enhance the quality of service delivered to their customers, both internal and external.

HR Management

In today's highly competitive business environment, budget oriented planning or forecast-based planning methods are insufficient for a large corporation to survive and prosper and expansion. The firm must engage in strategic planning for human resource management that clearly defines objectives and assesses both the internal and external situation to formulate strategy, implement the strategy, evaluate the progress, and make adjustments as necessary to stay on track. A simplified view of the strategic planning process can be defined as follows

Target Participants / Audience

  • The target groups members are of HR Managers / Managers / Admin/ Leads / Executives /Any :
  • Individuals who require a basic understanding of the corporate strategy framework and how it may be used to enhance the quality or performance of any vertical or domain within an organization.
  • Professionals who are working in an organization that has adapted PM or Senior Roles as manager and who need to be informed about and thereafter contribute in an Quality compliant service management function.
  • HR Managers, HR Executives, Finance Managers, Technical/Project Leads, Business Analysts, Any
Mode of Payment

Cheque to be paid in the favor of “Vigorous Quality Management System Pvt Ltd”
Cash, Credit and Debit Cards.
Other payment modes could be cash or Demand Draft. (Demand Draft should be made in favor of “Vigorous Quality Management System” payable at 'Delhi'.)

Expertise of Mentor / Trainers :
  • Trainers has sound expertise over working as a QA Manager / QA Mentor / QA Implementor / PM or project implementer at multiple organizations where they have extensive experience in the project implementation & control.
  • Currently team consist of Consultants/Sr. Consultants/Principal Consultants where they assists clients, manufacturers in the project management to reduce variation and improve quality and productivity.
  • Also, possesses expertise in the formation of project analysis, execution and control & application of various methods to achieve robust and reliable products as well as to estimate in successful execution of project with reduced variation.
  • In addition to providing consulting services, they regularly conducts workshops in industrial project management methods for companies.
Post the completion of the course
  • Assist in resume preparation
  • Assisting in improving interview skills

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