Internship plays a very crucial role in today’s world, in shaping professional Career of freshers.

VQMS CONFIRM your  INTERNSHIP as per your CV, Interviews held and Documents submitted, as per domains under Mgmt-IT–Web-Finance  :  HR, Marketing, Sales, Tie-up Coordinator, Events, Operations, IT,  Web, AppsDevl, Design, Finance, Legal, … more)

  Joining Formalities as INTERN : 
  1. INTERN INDUCTION – Create a Video based on the Youtube-Channel-link and send via whatsapp to your supervisor. (One Time Only)
  2. Professional Branding – Professional Profile Building  :  
  •  Please  Connect to VQMS networks :   Social-Media 
  • Update yourself as – working at VQMS Pvt Ltd. as Management Trainee (towards self Branding)
  • Update at your Cover Photos of Social media profiles – Click-Link (One Time)
  • Write review at GoogleReviews   FBreview  INTERNsreview, Indeed, Linkedin, JustDial (One Time )
  • Also, Develop strategies to expand followers for VQMS networks. (Regularly)
  • Students should not create duplicate profile or account by the name using VQMS.


  • Hope you have submitted your documents  (CV, College ID, Aadhar ID, Academic Certificates, Scan Photo ) at or
  • Also, submit College NOC towards availing experience certificate with  LOR.

INTERNSHIP – Experience Certificate :

  • We do assign work related to corporate coordination, corporate communication, corporate interaction, HR proposal sending, Follow-up, Digital Marketing, Social Media… more.
  • For technical domain like IT-Web, work will be assigned based on availability or as per decided by the management.  Student seeking some specific work can discuss with VQMS Director.

STIPEND  :  based on productivity only.


  • Data Research, Data Analysis, Corporate coordination, Communication & Proposal Sending
  • Corporate Interaction i.e meetings related work assigned during  Summer -Full Time.
  • Content writing, Social media promotion, Hashtag creation, Campaigning for  Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,  Snapchat, Google, Gmail … more
  • Affiliate marketing, video creation and editing
  • Report to be send on daily basis at

About MENTOR :  Director or Sr. Management Professional

[ NOTE :  Towards Blacklisting Freshers :

  •  Students who are not serious towards Working, not regular , with no-focused attention, Their INTERNSHIP will be cancelled,  
  •  Students whose purpose is only to get Confirmation and not joining will be  shown as blacklist candidates with their photos shown.

For Quick response :