Green Campus Certification :

Construction  sector all around the world is growing rapidly, preserving the environment poses a host of challenges. To enable the construction industry environmentally sensitive, Green Campuses concept  has been established.

Green campus certification encourages, builders, developers, owners, architects and consultants to design & construct green buildings thereby enhancing the economic and environmental performance of buildings or campuses.

Benefits of Green Campuses :

Green Campuses can have tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible. The most tangible benefits are the reduction in water and energy consumption right from day one of occupancy.

Energy savings could range from 20 – 30 % and water savings around 30 – 50%. Intangible benefits of green campus include health & well-being of the occupants, enhancing air quality & promoting biodiversity, safety benefits and conservation of scarce national resources.

Scope & Purpose :

Green Campus rating system is designed for both New and Existing Campuses. The types of Campuses include Administrative campuses, Convention centers, Educational campuses, Healthcare campuses, Hospitality campuses, IT parks, Industrial parks, Leisure & Recreational campuses, Military campuses, Religious campuses, etc., Buildings within the campus such as new buildings, existing buildings, factory buildings, etc., will be covered under their respective   rating programmes.   

Green Campus rating system is broadly classified into two types:  New Campuses  Existing Campuses Based on the scope of work, projects can choose any of the above options.

 Campuses that would be covered under this rating system include:  

  • Campuses with multiple buildings and same functionality (Eg: Buildings in IT parks, Administrative campus)
  • Campuses with multiple buildings and different functionality (Eg: Buildings in Educational campus, Industrial parks)
  • Buildings in a campus owned by single owner
  • Buildings in a campus owned by multiple owners

Overview & Process :

  • Green Campus rating system addresses green features under the following categories:
  • Site Planning and Management
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Material and Resource Management
  • Health & Well-being
  • Green Education
  • Innovation in Design

Validity :

  • The rating awarded for campuses would be valid for a period of 3 years & Surveillance to be done every year.
  • Thereafter, the campuses have to apply for re-certification with the prevailing version.

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