Accreditation for Institutions

Accreditation – is a Quality management system standard used globally to have a standard and maintaining that standard. It has been used for over years as the definitive means of evaluating organizations and is now utilized by all the world’s major economies and many developing economies.

such accreditation are the School AccreditationInternational AccreditationSchools plays a very important and crucial role in shaping not only individual, but whole society and nation and there are numerous schools in India and abroad, but not all schools are viewed as credible. International accreditation are the international standards been followed which are known as international best practices towards institutions.

An accredited school gives a quality assurance to its customers. Accreditation gives upper edge for being certified in this competitive market. iN

We at VQMS Pvt Ltd. help preparing School towards Accreditation and for further Assessment from International Body.

Our team consisting of Consultants/Sr. Consultants/Principal Consultants work towards determining the needs and expectations and satisfaction of the customers along with improving quality and productivity. 

Do visit sample video towards International Accreditation Interview for an organization or Institution of Delhi, India.

Our services are not limited to School Accreditation but we also provide consultancy towards

  1. College Accreditation ,
  2. Institutional Accreditation and
  3. Professional Accreditation.

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