AIESEC Fraud in the name of SPONSORSHIP

(by College representing Body claiming to be International by the location name as AIESEC IIT-Delhi)

There is a big issue which is raising day-by-day in a very explosive manner,  that colleges and institutions are using fraud means of fetching money from corporate by the name of Sponsorship, where the objective is to cheat with corporate, as students are assigned with equivalent senior management position, similar to corporate world.

The model is similar to learning fraud, cheat, misrepresentation, breach of commitments, since the beginning of career , i.e from college itself. If this is going to be the approach, one can assume what level of society and nation we are going to build for future.

Lets try to understand based on few points :

  1. Assigning position similar to Corporate world : VP, Manager, Coordinator, Relationship Manager by the sponsorship getting institutional body.
  2. Students used to give every type of Commitments before payments been done : Whats happening is students, who are recently entering into industry domain, do begins their career with learning over cheat and misrepresentations. The good thing is everything do revolves around, first payment to be done in advance, and do pending of whole activities/commitments, towards later onwards, to be done by students representatives. See, Whats happens is, before payment is done to students representative said account, students used to give every type of commitments and promise, but when payment is done, then everything do revolves towards misrepresentation  and cheat.
  3. There is no regular status monitoring deliverables as committed  whats happening is before sponsorship amount is paid, weekly status monitoring commitments is been done, but on after payment is cleared, no status monitoring by student representatives. Although its been said at very initial phase that .xls sheet need to be send at corporate mail id, excluding google drive based sheets. Which has no authentications towards weekly monitoring deliverables.
  4. Repetitive cheat & Fraud on after intimation : Before payment has been released towards sponsorships amount, concerns raised towards mis-commitments, by similar body. there was mis-commitment towards having regular weekly status monitoring, and again, second time, we got cheated towards committed deliverables by same institutional body of different location.
  5. Commitment towards raising Youtube Subscribers : No working towards Youtube followers subscriptions, it was said min 150 before payment been done. But later no working over these areas.
  6. Commitment towards Linkedin Posts to be done:  No working towards Linkedin posts
  7. Commitment towards stories at Instagram with good viewership :   Only instagram stories were shared where purpose was only to get pic of stories sharing i.e 5-15sec of presence, and once pic has been captured later there are no  tagging and proofs of stories sharing, as per commitments.
  8. Commitment towards posts at Instagram via media partners:  As before sponsorship payment was released, as committed, there were 35+ media partners who were supposed to work over these areas towards promotions of the sponsoring company under the name of sponsorship, but later no working over these areas. Don’t know where those 35+ media partners has gone. No two proofs of posts been done at social media platforms, but only one post shared by DUofficial.. at instagram
  9. Breach of commitment towards candidates registration i.e google forms link: Before , sponsorship amount has been cleared, there were lots of commitments towards sharing the candidates registration google form and sheet, but everything in vein , no google form and sheet provided to sponsoring organization towards webinar registration when second webinar has been held.
  10. Commitment towards mails to be send, towards leads generation: Before sponsorship amount has been done, there were lots of promise and commitments towards claiming to  have 50k+ data and commitments towards mails to be send related to leads generation, but everything in vein, once payment is done. Not received any of the working status towards mails been send to freshers data towards lead generation.
  11. Wrong Commitment towards monthly 2-3 events to be done : As per students representatives  commitment, towards having minimum 2-3 monthly events to be held regularly, and as sponsored  firm will be benefitted through tagging and promotions, which is a shrewed / wrong commitments by payment availing  representative body. Only one event held in month of 10-11 Jul.21 has happened.

The concerned representative claiming to be :

 VP – AIESEC , IIT-Delhi  is Mr. Rohit Chaudhary

Manager –AIESEC, IIT-Delhi  is Miss Antara Ganguly

The objective behind sharing these practical case study (learning mis-commitments, fraud & Cheat at colleges) is to analyse , what level of learning is been done by freshers.

  • is this the way freshers are going to build their industry ready capabilities.
  • Is this the way freshers are going to build moral capabilities where in at every steps towards commitments, students are regularly breaching the commitments.

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