Internship with Certifications Opportunities

What is INTERNSHIP with Certifications?

Internship is a platform where a company assigns task towards hands-on-working or execution of corporate related work, for a short period of time ,in which an intern works in a company for a specific period of time to gain the industrial and practical knowledge of a company.

When a company is open for hiring then they look for the experienced person rather than a beginner and an internship experience will make you stand out from rest of the audience.

And professional Certification is knowledge driven internationally acceptable certificates, where in you do write yourself CERTIFIED  in a particular area of working, and you make your CV a professional profile.

With this, chances of an interns to get hired by a company increases gradually.

There are two modes of Internship :-

  • Industrial working –

In this type of work an intern get to experience the environment of an office as they have to be physically present.

This type of work generally includes a full- time job, stipend and pre placement offer.

Firstly, the company provides an overview of the job profile, then they teach the working structure and then they give the intern the platform to work and gain some experience of the same.

The interns get provided with a certification after the completion of an internship and some perks.

  • Work from home Internship – (Explain 2 models)

An intern can apply for the work from home according to his prior learning, one doesn’t have to search for jobs by reaching company to company. They have to just search for the desired job by online method, the intern can have flexible hours.

Company hires an intern through this method get overview of the company and the job profile in which an intern will be working.

This type of work is more favourable for many interns and they will also receive a stipend according to the productivity.

How to choose an internship?

While choosing an internship one should always keep these things in the mind: –

The company should provide a Industrial mentor – When we get into something new there must be a guide to keep a watch on, to take us through the right path and guide us throughout the journey. An experience company who has some mentors, who have achieved ace in their field of work and will guide an intern, it will help the intern in gaining a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

The company should provide a trainer – A company in which they are going in as in intern should have a trainer which will train them for their work. Trainer should train the intern in such a manner that the intern gets separated from the peers, should help in building some essential skills.

The company must provide Real- time experience – The company should provide the intern a real- time experience, that is how an actual company works ,what are the circumstance, how to overcome the problems how to manage tasks and how to regulate the work.

Hands- on work – When the company guide you throughout the journey, they should provide you with some work so you can experience the work by self and take out the best self of yours and get to know yourself and the work environment and how to approach to clients.

What is internship with professional certification?

While working with a company there is a certification in which it is clearly mentioned the company’s name and the job profile you have been working for. But, the certification value increases gradually as you work in a reputed firm or under guidance of some professionals.

Training with Industrial experts –

While training with professor will lead one automatically to a greater level rather working with an unexperienced faculty member. When you complete an internship under the guidance of a professor it clearly gets mentioned in your certificate and it increases the value of your certificate and it also helps in building your portfolio and helps in getting hired by big companies.

International Certifications –

When an intern work in a reputed firm or in a multi-national company they get provided with a certification of the same which helps in enhancing their skills and knowledge. While working in these companies and to get to know the basics and structure of the company it automatically leads to generate good qualities in a fresher, which leads to get hired by a reputed firm.

Where to get certified from –

VQMSTM (Vigorous Quality Management System), is a team of highly experienced and acknowledged experts in the field of the Training, Consultation and Outsourcing services for national and international boundaries in Lean Six Sigma, Quality & Processes Management and other corporate boundaries (Corporate Governance Management).


  • Govt. Regn. No (CIN no .. 229559), under MCA, Regd. with Min of Corporate Affairs.
  • Member of MSME
  • Registered Trademark of VQMS Pvt Ltd.
  • An ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization
  • Accredited with International Accreditation (US)

What are two models for WFH Internship :-

A) Remote – Online based :  WFH

Assured internship with registration fees of 1500 Rs  to be submitted with all documents (CV, Photo, College ID, Address proof) at [email protected] which would be  reimbursed to candidate on minimum 3 leads generation during internship.

B) Remote – Online based :  WFH with Professional Certifications

Assured internship with registration fees of 1500 Rs  to be submitted with all documents (CV, Photo, College ID, Address proof) at [email protected] which would be  reimbursed to candidate on successful completion of INTERNSHIP , & with one cost based/ discountable professional certification.

Professional Certifications help the candidates in profile building to be written in cv as CERTIFIED. 

Team Expertise of “Trainers and Consultants” :-

At VQMSTM, our competency is derived from rapid performance-based, industry-tailored and Corporate Governance – enabled consultants and training services delivered by our team of experts. Our professionals are grouped by industry focus and deliver customised solutions to the clients.

Our professional acumen and knowledge management systems enable the delivery of informed and timely services to clients or end users.

  • At VQMSTM, Team consists of qualified professionals with certification like Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, ITIL Certified, Lead Auditors onto IT standard frameworks with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • At VQMS, Team consists of professionals with Graduation & Post graduation in relevant fields with utmost expertise over quality.
  • We have developed and delivered some of the best Team Building and Problem-Solving Training Programs.
  • Our broad knowledge base and mix of expertise allows to assist clients from various needs analysis, strategic planning to implementation of programs such as Lean, Six Sigma, CMMi-3/5, TQM, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, etc.
  • That support effective team environments, which in turn enables clients to engage in continuous improvement activities and best practices (Total Quality).

Benefits at VQMSTM:

VQMSTM corporate governance concept consist of Consulting & Training Certification program (Lean Six Sigma Management or other corporate Quality domains, both individuals as well as on-shore corporate sites location, with interactive sessions providing multi -sensory impact throughout the program. The methodology is the biggest differentiator in our programs.

Exclusive Benefits for Corporates under corporate Training & Consulting:

  • Exclusive Training by Most experienced and respected trainers and consultants
  • Highest recognition and respect across sectors with updated programs with latest inputs
  • Training and facilitation methodology with multi-sensory impact.
  • Complete Range of programs from yellow belt up to Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt,
  • Regular corporate mentoring and corporate training programs in various cities
  • Unique after training support through very active web-based forum and group activities
  • Six Sigma and Lean Implementation follow-up with powerful Top/ Senior Management

Process of getting an Internship from VQMSTM

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the career menu
  • Go to the career opportunities section
  • Select the desired certification.
  • Send you CV with all the required documents at [email protected] .
  • Send certificate for under the guidance of Placement head.

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