(Speaking POSITIVE WORDS is a Behavioural Development –  its an Art of Speaking).  For FREE Workshop Contact :

Mrs. Sarika Goel (Principal) +91-84759 90059

 We at  SUBHASHI FOUNDATION, an Indian registered NGO, work towards building a society with using Positive Words in routine talks and discussion, which can only be possible, if we emphasize towards strictly saying-NO to negative wordings, during preliminary educations or higher studies. For this we, at Subhashi, are running a campaign to reach to Schools & colleges, their management and principals, to widely promote positive wordings in day-to-day talk by the end of students & faculties. 

  We are also imparting training to faculties and students through direct workshops, online webinars at school and college levels.  We are also receiving lots of appreciation from various ministers, Governer’s, Schools , College, Universities and corporate world.  Download-Portfolio
* Our Workshops Audience :  Kids Schools, Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities, Faculties.

* Workshop Location : PAN-India Wide / World wide

* Mode of Workshop : Online / Direct Workshop / Webinars

* Vision : To Be-Positive , i.e With negative wording in our speech or talk, we cannot develop a good society and further a good nation, so positive wording is a must for one and All.

* Mission : To reach to every individual, to use positive wordings, in their day to day verb ology & behaviour.

    Objective : Holistic development of students & becoming a good human being.

# Registration / Process of free Workshop from SUBHASHI :
  • Please Call at Whatsapp no or Mail (above link) for free workshop
  • Subhashi will give training to Faculties & Students over Positive wordings
  • Institute Faculties can further deliver workshop to students.
  • Please fill the Form for FREE WROKSHOP  :  CLICK-FOR-REGISTRATION
#   Benefits of free Workshop from SUBHASHI :
  • To develop an attitude towards positive wordings, during talks at students level
  • To create a culture towards positive wordings at Institutions level
  • Initiative towards building a positive nation through positive wordings
Few Appreciation from Top bureaucrats, Sr. Management for our Good Works :