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Problem with the FRESHERS in present scenario towards professional career building.

LACK OF GUIDANCE While there is a lot of information on the internet regarding various career options available for students. Every students has, his or her own aptitude & career preferences, and need counseling.  There are very few reliable career guidance, counseling mentor , websites or physical centers which look into this aspects. eg. There …

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Accreditation for Institutions

Accreditation – is a Quality management system standard used globally to have a standard and maintaining that standard. It has been used for over years as the definitive means of evaluating organizations and is now utilized by all the world’s major economies and many developing economies. such accreditation are the School Accreditation, International Accreditation. Schools plays …

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Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications

Six sigma green belt is a executive certification program widely preferred in industries & corporate. Six sigma is a Statistical Control process of managing defects and deriving improvements out of it, first by identifying the defects, measuring the variation in measurement systems, analysing the data, further removing the defects with undergoing risk analysis, later continually …

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Digital Marketing a Career for Freshers

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