Green Event Certification :

Green event certification helps event planners reduce their impact in a range of areas, including catering and food, venues, and waste reduction.

Green event incorporates environmental considerations to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Green events are about increasing economic and environmental efficiency by minimizing the use of resources and reducing the amount of waste produced from event activities.

Events can now be certified under three categories: green, zero waste, and zero waste green.

Green Event Certification encourages, recognizes and celebrates the voluntary sustainable efforts that event organizers take to reduce the environmental, social and financial costs of their event.

It also creates an opportunity to inform and engage event attendees in sustainable practices.

  • Use our Green Event Planning Checklist to obtain tips and ideas on how to plan your event.
  • It’s easy to certify your event.
  • Serving food? Refer to following Green Event standard guidelines.

A formal program must be in place. Simply referencing efforts to make events greener in the absence of a formal program is not sufficient.


Green Event can have tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible. The most tangible benefits are the reduction in wasting time towards following cycle towards event management.

 Green Event  rating system is designed for Administrative campuses, Convention centers, Educational campuses, Healthcare campuses, Hospitality campuses, IT parks, Industrial parks, Leisure & Recreational campuses, Military campuses, Religious or everyone, etc.,.     

Why are green events so important:

Gas emissions, the extensive use of energy and water accompany event organization today. The detrimental effects that are produced with such events damage our environment and endanger the future of the industry. Unfortunately, the depletion of natural resources and increased pollution are turning into the major problems of globalization.


Since events can exhaust the environment to a great extent, they become focal points for sustainability concerns. Here are the main goals that mark event sustainability:

The mitigation of negative environmental effects in event planning as an attempt to protect our natural habitat.
Encouraging sustainability-directed activities as an integral part of social life.
Developing the new green culture of event organization.

Example of Green Event Certifications :

  • American University – Clear indication that green event guidelines are in place. Each Yes response is affirmed in the descriptive text.
  • Simon Fraser University – Clear indication that a formal events certification program is in place. Website URL includes downloadable event certification checklists.
  • University of California, Santa Barbara – Clear indication that a formal events certification program is in place. Each Yes response is affirmed in the descriptive text.

 Common Issues Identified During Review for Green Event

  • A green event certification program that has certified one or more events in the previous year must be in place. Simply referencing initiatives to make events greener is not sufficient in the absence of a certification program.
  • Descriptive response should support each affirmative response indicated at the top of the credit (at least four).


  • Registration Certificate rating awarded for the Green Event is valid for a period of 3 yrs &
  • Surveillance Certificate every year.
  • Thereafter,   have to apply for re-certification with the prevailing version.

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