GREEN LAB Certification :

Green Labs Certification helps in recognizing laboratories for their implementation of quality sustainability and efficiency practices. Certainly labs needs to be fully complaint towards quality assurance and other best practices.

With this process, Laboratories are able to achieve credits in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Waste Reduction, Chemicals, Purchasing, and Education, and evaluate potential areas of improvement. 

with this approach, it encompasses traditional and non-traditional chemical or engineering labs, and may include design studios, architecture programs, electronics, robotics, prototyping, 3D printing and fabrication shops.

Labs can achieve one of four levels of certification based on points earned for each action.

GREEN LAB PROCESS AND SCOPE consists of 5 steps :

1.  Registration process & Baseline Assessment  :   Using an online self-assessment, we ask members of a lab a series of questions on the equipment they use, the practices they employ and how they purchase, use, and dispose of products. We use the responses to make recommendations on steps the lab could take to adopt sustainability best practices.

2.  Guidelines process & Implement Changes : Using our recommendations as guidelines, we encourage labs to take some time (usually 6-8 months) to make changes in their laboratory.

3.  Certification process : Members of the lab retake the online self-assessment, and we again use everyone’s answers to see what best practices the lab has adopted. We then give the lab an overall score and certification level. We will also give the lab new recommendations for further improvements to make before they seek recertification.

4.  Continual Improvement Process : After the initial certification, we encourage labs to take 1-2 years to maintain the best practices they have adopted and work on further improvements. This time period is not strictly set, and when a lab is ready to seek re-certification, we are happy to assess them.

5.  Re-Certification : When labs are ready for recertification, they retake the self-assessment to see what best practices they are still implementing and where they might make future changes. By making this a continuous improvement process, we allow labs to make continual change and also gauge how well the sustainability best practices are being passed on to newer members of the lab and thus how much sustainability has become part of the culture of the lab.


  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Save water and energy without compromising research integrity
  • Prolong equipment life to increase lab efficiency
  • Cut costs while reducing waste.
  • Team building – all lab members take an active role in the program
  • Raise awareness for sustainability on campus
  • Promote your lab as a certified Green Lab.


  • Registration Certificate rating awarded for the Green LAB is valid for a period of 3 yrs &
  • Surveillance Certificate every year.
  • Thereafter,   have to apply for re-certification with the prevailing version.

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