IATF – TS16949 Consulting

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IATF / TS 16949  Consulting – is a widely used term in Automotive Industry Sector, Where ISO/TS 16949 QMS is the basic QMS (Quality management System) that are the high-in-demand for implementation of basic Quality policies, basic processes and procedures in automotive organizations with standardization of processes.
IATF / TS 16949 QMS Consulting and implementation at VQMSTM provides not only organizational structured working but also a begining of first stage reaching towards continual improvements, defect elimination and capability management of the automobile organizations.

IATF / TS 16949 QMS Consulting consists of :

  • First Mail proposal communication at [email protected]
  • Overview – Scope Understanding towards IATF implementation
  • Contract or SLA
  • Identified Managers for IATF -TS 16949 QMS – Consulting and Implementation
  • Training towards IATF-TS 16949 – Consulting and Implementation
  • IATF-TS 16949 – stage based Pilot implementation
  • Reviews and Verification
  • Go-ahead of implementation and further Improvements

Interested Corporate , participants or Audiences ?
VQMSTM specifically designed projects that meets the requirements of the following:

  • Automobile Industries or Organizations suffering with near to shut-down of their business towards Automotive Industry and Sector
  • Manufacturing / Production / HR/Admin/ Management team of Organizations
  • Quality Assurance Engineers, Team leaders, IT or Non-IT Professionals, Practitioners, Quality Assurance team members and Jr /Senior Management
  • Any other professional members who are doing research, innovations or consulting in automotive industries development

Post Consulting and Implementation :

  • VQMSTM assist in regular review of project management
  • Assisting in improving and monitoring growth towards Business excellence
  • Provide exclusive consulting toards other areas of improvement.

For any query please mail at [email protected]

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