Internship plays a very crucial role in today’s world, in shaping professional Career of freshers.

VQMS CONFIRM your  INTERNSHIP as per your CV, Interviews held and Documents submitted, as per domains under Mgmt-IT–Web-Finance  :  HR, Marketing, Sales, Tie-up Coordinator, Events, Operations, IT,  Web, AppsDevl, Design, Finance, Legal, … more)

  Joining Formalities as INTERN : 
  1. INTERN INDUCTION – Create a Video based on the Youtube-Channel-link and send via whatsapp to your supervisor. (One Time Only). The purpose is to have introduction of the INTERN, Strength, weakness, career scope, and purpose of doing internship at VQMS PVt Ltd.
  2. Professional Branding – Professional Profile Building  :  
  •  Please  Connect to VQMS networks :   Social-Media  , Update yourself as – working at VQMS Pvt Ltd. as Management Trainee  at all the networks (towards self  professional Branding).
  • Update at your Cover Photos of Social media profiles – Click-Link (One Time – at all networks)
  • Write review at GoogleReviews   FBreview  INTERNsreview, Indeed, Linkedin, JustDial (One Time )
  • Students should not create duplicate profile or account by the name using VQMS.

      3. Daily working activities – as per briefed by the Supervisor  



  • Hope you have submitted your documents  (CV, College ID, Aadhar ID, Academic Certificates, Scan Photo ) at or
  • Also, submit College NOC towards availing experience certificate with  LOR.

INTERNSHIP – Experience Certificate :

  • We do assign work related to corporate coordination, corporate communication, corporate interaction, HR proposal sending, Follow-up, Digital Marketing, Social Media… more.
  • For technical domain like IT-Web, work will be assigned based on availability or as per decided by the management.  Student seeking some specific work can discuss with VQMS Director.

STIPEND  :  based on productivity only.


  • Data Research, Data Analysis, Corporate coordination, Communication & Proposal Sending
  • Corporate Interaction i.e meetings related work assigned during  Summer -Full Time.
  • Content writing, Social media promotion, Hashtag creation, Campaigning for  Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,  Snapchat, Google, Gmail … more
  • Affiliate marketing, video creation and editing
  • Report to be send on daily basis at

About MENTOR :  Director or Sr. Management Professional

[ NOTE :  Towards Cancellation Internship & Blacklisting Freshers :

  •  Students who are not serious towards Working, not regular , with no-focused attention, Their INTERNSHIP will be cancelled,  &  will be  shown as blacklist candidates with their photos shown.

For Quick response :