Lean Six Sigma Consulting Solutions

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Six Sigma Consulting – is a widely used term in industries & manufacturing sector. Where SIX SIGMA refers to Defect management, variation management, problem management practices are the high-in-demand for implementation of defect elimination with standardization of process flow. 

Six Sigma Consulting and implementation at VQMS provides not only organizational project implementation but also hands-on experience in defect elimination and capability management of the organizations tools and concepts at their work arounds

Six Sigma Consulting consists of :

  1. Mail proposal communication at [email protected]
  2. Overview – Scope Understanding
  3. Contract or SLA
  4. Identified Managers or Six Sigma Project Implementation
  5. Training towards Six Sigma Implementation , as per required
  6. Six sigma stage based Piolting
  7. Reviews and Verification
  8. Go-ahead towards implementation 

Post Consulting and Implementation :

  • VQMS assist in regular review of project management
  • Assisting in improving and monitoring growth towards Business excellence
  • Provide exclusive consulting towards other areas of improvement

For any query please mail at [email protected]

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