MACE Audit Consulting


MACE Audit Consulting – is a widely used term in identifying the Defects in the manufacturing and production processes. Audit is the very basic activity of any QMS (Quality management System) that are the high-in-demand for implementation of basic Quality frameworks or Standards with the purpose of standardization of processes and organization growth.

Audit Consulting and implementation at VQMSTM provides not only organizational structured working but also a begining of first stage reaching towards continual improvements, defect elimination and capability management of the organizations.

Audit Consulting consists of :

  • First Mail proposal communication at [email protected]
  • Overview – Scope Understanding
  • Contract or SLA
  • Identified Managers for Auditing – Consulting and Implementation
  • Training towards Audit – Consulting and Implementation
  • Audit – stage based Piolt implementation
  • Reviews and Verification
  • Go-ahead of implementation and further Improvements

Interested Corporates , participants or Audiences ?

  • Corporate ,
  • Industries or
  • Organizations suffering with near to shut-down of their business towards Automotive Industry and Sector
  • HR/Admin/ Management team of Organizations

Post Consulting and Implementation :

  • VQMSTM assist in regular review of project management
  • Assisting in improving and monitoring growth towards Business excellence
  • Provide exclusive consulting toards other areas of improvement.

For any query please mail at [email protected]

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