NSIC Registration

NSIC Registration

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NSIC is National Small Industries Corporation, it is largely known for its role in procuring raw material in bulk on behalf of small businesses (or MSME). …

NSIC is a GOI (Government of India ) institution and is part of Ministry of  MSME.  MSME refers to Micro, small and medium enterprises.


Use of NSIC :

NSIC helps promote, aid and foster the growth of MSME businesses in India by operating various schemes like Single point Registration for Government Purchase, Marketing Support, Performance and Credit Rating Scheme for small industries and more.


  1. What is the benefit of an NSIC certificate?

Companies registered under NSIC are not required to pay Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). Assistance in Government tenders: The MSME enterprises who are bidding for the tenders are allowed to supply unto 20% on reduced prices if they have NSIC registration.


  1. Is NSIC a government or private company?

National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NSIC) is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Government of India Enterprise under Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) established in 1955.


  1. What is the main purpose of NSIC?

The main activities of NSIC are to promote and support Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector by providing integrated support services encompassing Marketing, Technology, Finance and other services.”.


  1. What is NSIC registration?

Updated on May 13, 2024 01:38:31 PM. NSIC Registration is a way of formalizing your business and getting listed in the NSIC database. The government of India set up NSIC to support people who run small businesses.


  1. Is an NSIC certificate valid?

Under Single Point Registration NSIC Certificate granted to MSMEs remains valid for 2 years which is renewed after the expiry of such 2 years.


  1. Is NSIC and MSME the same?

In conclusion, MSME and NSIC registrations are two government schemes that offer support to small and medium enterprises in India. While MSME Registration provides financial assistance, priority lending, and tax benefits, NSIC registration offers marketing support, technology upgradation, and financial aid.


  1. What are the services provided by NSIC?
  • Bank Credit Facilitation.
  • Raw Material Assistance.
  • Single Point Registration.
  • E-Marketing Services.
  • National SC and ST Hub.
  • Participate in Exhibitions.
  • International Cooperation Activities.
  • Space Marketing.


8. How To Register under NSIC
1.Udyam Registration: Udyam Registration Number is required to apply for NSIC registration. …
2.Registration in MSME DataBank: MSMEs have to register themselves in MSMEDataBank using UAM No. …
3.Application for NSIC Registration: …
4.Third-party Inspection: …
5.Approval & Issuance of NSIC Certificate:


  1. Process of NSIC Workshop towards Registration :
  • Application Development
  • Registration Fee
  • Documentation Development
  • Inspection Charges
  • Site Pre-audit development
  • Professional Fee


  1. Is MSME and NSIC the same?

They are not same. MSME is central govt department under ministry of MSME. And NSIC (National Small scale Industries Corporation) govt of India enterprise (PSU) comes under MoMSME. NSIC schemes and MSME schemes are different.


  1. Documents Required for NSIC

The following documents are required for obtaining NSIC registration in India:

  • Copy of Acknowledgement of MSME registration
  • Details of of plant & machinery and raw material with original purchase price
  • Performance Statement
  • Self-attested copy of ownership documents of the premises or copy of lease deed.
  • Declaration/Certificate from the Proprietor/Partner/Director whether or not they have any link with large scale unit(s).
  • List of raw materials and finished goods in stock.
  • Copy of BIS license, if applicable.
  • Copy of ISO 9001
  • List of technical personnel employed in production and services.
  • Item for which registration required with detailed specification(s)
  • Write-up on quality control measures adopted by the firm for ensuring quality of raw material, bought out item (s) for assembly and sub assembly and for products/stores in process and the finished products quality control
  • List of quality control equipment and testing facility available in factory
  • Copy of type test report from Independent lab, where applicable as mentioned in relevant standard.
  • Latest Electricity Bill Copy.
  • Audited Balance Sheet, Trading Account and Profit & Loss
  • Account for the last 3 years duly signed by the authorized person under his seal.
  • Statement showing the Results of Operation for the last 3 years duly signed by Chartered Accountant under his seal.
  • Bankers’ Report giving details of financial status of the applicant firm as per Performa “F” of application form.
  • Copy of Permanent Account No. (PAN)
  • Partnership Deed
  • Form ’A’ from Registrar of Firms showing the names of the partners.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association


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