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Audit is the process towards identifying the right Gaps analysis in process. Once gaps are identified, further, gaps are been rectified by the team, as a need towards organizational growth and development. Audit management under ISO QMS standard, is widely used practice, been followed for ISO  implementing organizations, where the need is to find the gaps in the system or processes. 
ISO QMS Standards applies to all almost types of industries, vertical and Organizations. It doesn’t matter what size they are or what they do have. 

Types of AUDIT as per audit types (Process / Product) ?

  • Internal Audit – identifying routine gaps analysis in processes 
  • External Audit – Yearly Audit, in coordination with CBs

Various QMS Standards towards AUDIT Practices ?

  • ISO-9001-QMS, ISO -14001-EMS, ISO-45001-OHSAS,
  • ISO-13485-MedicalDevices, 
  • ISO-27001-InformationSecurity,  ISO-30001-RiskMgmt,
  • ISO-22000-FSSC Food, ISO-20000-ITSM, 
  • IATF – TS16949 Automotive
  • 5S, 5Y’s, CE-Certifications . . . . more

What is the need of QMS Audit practices at industries ?

To identify the right defect / gaps in their processes  and QMS documentations.

Why do many industries do not follow Auditing practices in their organization ?

Concept is known as shortcuts. some of the business owners feels that its a waste of time effort and money, but actually its not.

What are the types of  ISO QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor – Training & Certification ?
  • Lead Auditor – is the manager or supervisor leading team of auditors.
  • Internal Auditor – Is the person conducting audits i.e identifying the Gaps in the process or verticals.

What is the Benefits of  AUDIT practices ? 

  • Identify the gaps towards  QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM at organization
  • Validates the capability of process for customers, as per standards.
  • Check Design, implement and manage organizational performance of inter-related processes to implement the global environment policy and attain the org. objectives

Who are Interested Participants or Audiences towards Auditing practices ?

  • Leader of projects in HR/Admin/ Management team of Organizations
  • Managers or Future managers including management students
  • Fresh or exp engineering graduates / MBA’s / Professionals / Job seekers.
  • QA Engineers, Team leaders, IT or Non-IT Professionals
  • Any other professional members into research, innovations or consulting practices

Steps to start AUDIT project from VQMS :

  • Step 1 – Enquiry : Do detail enquiry based on concerned Contact number available at website.
  • Step 2 – Requirement Analysis : Details discussion towards types of audit  requirements for the processes & standards
  • Step 3 – Generate Order Id : Confirmation towards Audit projects mentioning your requirement  at [email protected]
  • Step 4 – Make the payment, as per link available for the payment.
  • Step 4 – Execute the Audit.

Benefits / Outcomes of the VQMSTM programs:

  • Step 1 – Saving time of the individuals, doing it separately
  • Step 2 – short term sessions with hands-on assignment to be done by individuals
  • step 3 – Real time problems solving approach by the individuals
  • Step 4 – based on specific requirements, individuals performance development been done 

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