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MSME Registration Certificate

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MSME is a Govt. registration certification that indicates that indian govt. based registered firm can be eligible for MSME registration.

The purpose of MSME is to avail various benefits from govt. bodies being registered at MSME.


MSME Free workshop at VQMSTM consists of :

  1. Identify candidates for MSME workshop
  2. conduct workshop or virtual training towards MSME
  3. Go-ahead towards getting MSME registration certification

VQMSTM  Post Consulting towards MSME registered bodies :                  

  • VQMSTM assist in regular review for startups
  • Mentoring Start-up
  • Session towards gaps analysis and improvement
  • Assisting in improving and monitoring growth towards Business excellence
  • Provide exclusive consulting towards other areas of improvement.


  1. What is MSME certification?

An MSME certificate is issued by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. It provides legal recognition to businesses that are classified as micro, small, or medium enterprises (MSMEs). The certificate helps businesses to access various government incentives and schemes.


  1. Who is eligible for MSME?

    Entities such as proprietorships, partnership firms, companies, trusts, or societies with an investment below Rs. 50 crore and annual turnover below Rs. 250 crore are eligible to apply for MSME registration. An individual, however is not eligible to apply for MSME registration


  1. What is MSME types?

According to the provisions of the MSMED (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development) Act of 2006, MSMEs are classified into two classes i.e. Manufacturing Enterprises and Service Enterprises. The enterprises are further categorized based on annual turnover and investment in equipment.


  1. What is the new MSME rule?

To ensure timely payments to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, a new regulation will be implemented from April 1. This regulation requires companies to settle their dues with MSMEs within 45 days. Non-compliance will lead to a tax liability on the overdue amount


  1. Is GST mandatory for MSME?

The GST number is not mandatory for the MSME registration process for businesses or entities that do not require GST registration. However, enterprises or businesses whose annual turnover is above ₹40 lakhs are taxable entities


  1. What is the fee for MSME certificate?

There is no government fee for MSME Udyam Registration Certificate, this professional fee is charged by the professional for providing support for obtaining it.


  1. Are Udyam and MSME the same?

As of July 2020, Udyam is the only platform MSMEs need to register on to be recognised as a MSME (check the list of MSME businesses in India) There is no difference between MSME and Udyam in that the Udyam registration certificate is an identification of a business as an MSME.


  1. What is the 45 day rule for MSME?

As per the rule, if a larger company does not pay an MSME within 45 days in case of written agreements, it cannot deduct that expense from its taxable income


  1. Who Cannot apply MSME registration?

An individual cannot apply for MSME registration. A proprietorship, partnership firm, company, trust or society with an investment below Rs.50 crore and annual turnover below Rs.250 crore are eligible for MSME registration.


  1. How many days it will take to get MSME certificate?

Udyam registration is new system for MSME registration. Hence for MSME resignation enterprise need to registered under Udyam. Udyam Registration Certificate is issued at the same time once filled all information & submitted or sometimes it takes 3-7days to verify details.


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