ISO 45001  Consulting & Implementation

(HEALTH & SAFETY Management System )

ISO 45001 – Health & Safety  Management Systems : Standards is used globally towards having the Health and Safety environment at any organization . It is used to establish and update your organization’s Quality Management System (QMS). 

ISO 45001 is a process standard towards health and safety performance of the organization, updated version focuses majorly towards monitoring Risk management, it generally help organizations achieve standards towards health & safety quality that are recognized and respected throughout the world.

Elements of ISO 45001 :

  • Context of the Organization. …
  • Leadership and Worker Participation.
  • Planning.
  • Support.
  • Operation.
  • Performance Evaluation.
  • Improvement.

Benefits of ISO 45001?

  • Standard towards Occupational Health & Safety standards
  • Positions your business as industry leaders.
  • Increases trust.
  • Consistency means efficiency.
  • Lowers insurance premiums.
  • Improves individual safety as well as organisational.
  • Improves managerial oversight.
  • Preventative risk and hazard assessment.
  • Increases return on investment (ROI)

For Consulting and Implementation Assignments :

  • VQMS conducts pre-analysis – Gaps analysis towards ISO 45001 Environment Management System in your organization
  • provides actual plan related to consulting – implementation – Audit Management
  • Executes the plan, been finalized by the client or management.
  • Appx. man days invested will be 10-15, for min 2-4 processes

Duration of Certification :  3 yrs, Yearly Surveillance Audit

Interested  Audiences for ISO 45001 Implementation ?

  • Industries , Corporate, Institutions, …any registered firm or organization.

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