Lean Consulting & Implementation

Lean Consulting  – is a widely used term in industrial sector OR manufacturing sector towards process streamlining.

Where LEAN management are the high-in-demand for implementation of waste elimination, Innovation, with process streamlining (process flow or workflow). 

Lean Consulting & implementation at VQMS provides not only the practical knowledge, project implementation rather end-to-end implementation of LEAN project cycle,  and process streamlining for business benefits and plan kaizens using the Lean thinking, tools and concepts at their work arounds.

LEAN Consulting consists of :
Overview – Scope Understanding 

  1. Contract or SLA towards Implementation
  2. Identified Managers or LEAN Project Implementation
  3. Training towards LEAN Implementation
  4. LEAN Piolting (stage based)
  5. Reviews and Verification
  6. Go-ahead towards LEAN implementation

Post Consulting and Implementation :

  • VQMS assist in regular review of project management
  • Assisting in improving and monitoring growth towards Business excellence
  • Provide exclusive consulting towards other areas of improvement.

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