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Statistical Process Control


Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods help to control process behaviour and prevent costly issues by detecting process changes quickly.

According to six sigma tools usage, No matter how closely monitored, variation will occur – these variation can damage the quality of your product.

“Statistical Process Controls: Reduce Variation that damages Quality”

SPC Tools training covers following :

  • What is SPC methods
  • SPC role in quality improvement
  • Using SPC’s process charts to identify cause and scope of variations
  • Keys to creating and interpreting charts for your own processes
  • Statistical Process Control examples and sample charts
  • SPC case studies / scenarios
  • How do it saves time
  • How frequently it can be used

Expertise of Mentor / Trainers :

  • Trainers has sound expertise over working as a mentor / statistician at multiple organizations where they have extensive experience in the development of statistical models, variation based analysis, designed experimentation, and statistical process control.
  • Currently team consist of Consultants/Sr. Consultants/Principal Consultants where they assists clients, manufacturers in the application of statistical methods to reduce variation and improve quality and productivity.
  • Also, possesses expertise in the formation of prediction models & application of various methods to achieve robust and reliable products as well as to estimate and reduce variation.
  • In addition to providing consulting services, they regularly conducts workshops in industrial statistical methods for companies.