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College Accreditation – International Accreditation

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College Governance – College Management System 

  • Colleges plays a very important and crucial role in shaping not only individual, but whole society and nation
  • Accreditation plays a very important role in your institutions building and Brand image
  • Accreditation distinguished students to make your mind in selecting the Colleges for studies
  • Accreditations helps institutions to create market value among competitors
  • In the coming times, Govt. is paying much emphasis towards quality education which can only be possible through Accreditation.

World wide – every Govt. is paying much emphasis towards delivering Quality education to children’s , which can only be possible with Quality Standard or Accreditations.

Accreditations standards relates to College Management Systems and is designed to help Institution, to ensure , that they meet the needs of Customers / Students and other Stakeholders.

Accreditation is a very basic standard, helps in establishing processes and procedures.
Accreditation gives upper edge for being certified in this competitive market.



As in present scenario education system standard is declining day-by-day. whereby, College are becoming a machine towards achieving business targets for revenue generation, also, Colleges systems are expanding in a very drastic manner, without delivering the right quality education to the society.


International ACCREDITATION ? :

International Accreditation  from USA, would be the international body towards accreditation.

International Accreditation  helps in defining International standards for your college.

International Accreditation  helps your college towards International Collaborations and International Branding. 


Eligibility for VQMS ACCREDITATION ? :

  •  Business-Schools, Colleges & Universities. or any type of Institution seeking international accreditation



  • Attracting educated parents who knows the value of Accreditation.
  • Using VQMSTM logo at cultural fest programs based certifications.
  • More Branding and International Recognition towards Quality Education System.
  • Best practices in the field of College Quality education deliverables or following best quality standard on being Accredited.
  • Getting competitive edge among competitors in adopting Quality education compliance standards (through Accreditation).
  • Preferred Listing on VQMSTM website
  • VQMSTM Blog Entry
  • Advertisement in Official VQMSTM Magazine
  • Conducting Train-the-Trainer International program on a very subsidized rates
  • Subscription to Official VQMSTM Magazine
  • Routine awards for students as per discussion with the Institutions
  • Awarding students for winning specific competition at Colleges
  • One Update on every Social Media Channel
  • One News Release in the VQMSTM Newsletter
  • Co-branded profile on VQMSTM
  • VQMSTM – Assign Accreditation officer for routine gap analysis
  • 2 Page Interview of the Institution’s Chairman in VQMSTM Accreditor Magazine or VQMSTM Website
  • Online Promotion of your Institute
  • Access to Annual seminars held by VQMSTM.
  • Value of Money towards framing a Institution System , by being Accredited.


Process of ACCREDITATION for Colleges ?

  •  Pl send requirements or a mail proposal at [email protected]
  •  For any query, Please call at office numbers
  •  Awareness Training Session towards Accreditation from VQMSTM to College Management (Faculty, Admin Staff, Management Staff … any).
  •  Preparing College towards Accreditation and further Assessment from International Body.
  •  Gap analysis towards Accreditation (for the Colleges)
  •  Final assessment from the Accreditation body.


Activities performed under College Accreditation :

  • Workshop-Training towards College Accreditations
  • College Accreditation Consulting and Implementations
  • Assessment visits (Inspection) towards Accreditation


Following outcomes towards College Accreditations : 

  •  Customer Satisfaction
  •  Determine the needs and expectations of customers
  •  Determine the capability of process for customers, as per basic processes implementation
  •  Establish policies, objectives and a work environment
  •  Necessary to motivate people to satisfy these needs
  •  Design, implement and manage a system of inter-related processes to implement the policy and attain the objectives
  •  Measure and analyze the effectiveness of each process in fulfilling its objectives, and
  •  Pursue the continual improvement of the system from an objective evaluation of its performance


Mode of Payment :

  • VQMSTM Flexible Payment modes are CHEQUE / NET TRANSFER  or Others (any)
  • Other payment modes are Demand Draft / Cheque / Credit and Debit Cards.
  • DD/Cheque to be made in the favour of “Vigorous Quality Management System Pvt Ltd”, payable at New Delhi.


Expertise towards College Accreditation :

Internationally Accredited and Certified Consultants has sound expertise over working as a   Accreditation Consultants  l.

Currently Accreditation Implementation  team consist of Consultants/Sr. Consultants/Principal Consultants where they assists clients to improve institutional quality and productivity.


For any query please mail at [email protected]


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