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Industrial Quality  implementation – QMS Documentation – Policies – Processes – Procedures.

QMS Implementation is the process towards quality Standard based documentation implementation  i.e processes, policies , procedure, process mappings .. more.  The purpose of Implementation is to have sound QMS documentation standard to be implemented at industries and corporate and to avoid various risk of routine defects happening at various processes. 

Implementation management under ISO QMS, is widely used practice, been followed for ISO  implementing organizations, where the need is to fill the gaps in the system or processes through documentation of QMS. ISO QMS Standards applies to all almost types of industries, vertical and Organizations. It doesn’t matter what size they are or what they do have. 

What is QMS Implementation ?

QMS – quality management system , quality framework which define processes, procedures, process maps related documentation. Which identifies & defines quality policies as per QMS standards.

Why to go for QMS Implementations, If Certification is sufficient ?

QMS implementation is something like building capability for your organization, removing gaps at your systems, following policies process & procedures . . .more. 

Drawback of having Industrial Certification, without QMS implementation ?

Its something like you have the degree or certificate but don’t have any knowledge ie. do not have professional capability. Its a shortcut method to suffice your efficiency or competency in corporate world. 

Benefits of  QMS IMPLEMENTATION at Industries or corporate ?

  • Check whether quality policies, quality objectives and management performance are established.
  • Identify the needs and expectations of customers for QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM at organization
  • Validates the capability of process for customers, as per basic processes implementation
  • Necessary to motivate people to satisfy these needs – related to organizational development
  • Check Design, implement and manage organizational performance of inter-related processes to implement the global policy and attain the org. objectives
  • Measure and analyze the effectiveness of each process in fulfilling its objectives, and
  • Pursue the continual improvement of the organizational system from an objective evaluation of its performance.

What is the need of Certified Implementor / Certified Auditor as per ISO Standard :

Certified QMS Implementor – Is the person having sound knowledge towards QMS Implementations i.e QMS documentation implementation at  verticals / processes.

Certified Auditor – Is the person having sound knowledge towards ISO QMS Audits i.e QMS Gaps analysis, problems analysis during audits.

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