Six Sigma Quality Programs  

    • Class Based : Based on regular Class, study material , assignment, project, exam & Certification,, Job assistance
    • Online Basis : Study material based on individual login, assignments, project exam and Certification basis.
    • Hybrid MRP – Online + Zoom based session towards  knowledge development and doubt clearance.

    A) BE-TQM-Quality Management Certifications : Job Oriented

    These are few of the widely used Six Sigma certification which speaks about defect management i.e defect free working, variation management, capability development .. more.  FOR DISCOUNTS please talk to concerned person.

    TQM – Quality ManagementEligibilityDuration Classroom  Based Duration Corporate TrainingDuration Hybrid Training Duration Online TrainingMRP
    Six Sigma Yellow Belt Grad /Any16 Hrs8-16 hr1 mth1 mth5 k
    Six Sigma Green Belt Grad /Any24 Hrs16-24 hr2-3 mth2 mth20 K
    Six Sigma Black Belt Grad /Any40 Hrs24-40 hr2-4 mth3-4 mth45 K
    Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt 12+ yrs80 Hrs40-80 hr3-6 mth2-3 mth65 K
    LEAN CertificationGrad /Any24 Hrs16-24 hr 2-3 mth2-3 mth20 K
    Supply Chain & LogisticsGrad /Any24 Hrs16-24 hr 2-3 mth2-3 mth25 K
    Six Sigma Champions12+ yrs40 Hrs24-40 hr 2-4 mth3-4 mth40 K
    7 QC ToolsAny8 Hrs4-8 hr 1 mth 1 mth4.5 K
    5 Y TrainingAny8 Hrs4-8 hr 1 mth1 mth4.5 K
    5 S TrainingAny8 Hrs4-8 hr 1 mth1 mth4.5 K

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