Food Quality need during COVID Panademic..

FOOD quality need during COVID panademic :

The economy has been pummeled by the protracted COVID crisis to such an extent that it will take months before its total recovery . However due to the relaxation of lockdown ; things are gradually taking shape . Industries have started their manufacturing belt ,shops have started their business and slowly we are rising . Rising means growing and growing means Continual improvement . To remain healthy and energetic we need proper quality meal . Now here we raise the questions .

  • Is the food being manufactured and packed under proper sanitized area ?
  • Is the quality up to the mark ?
  • Are the workers working efficiently to provide us good quality food ?
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When all these questions are put up we start to think about the credibility of the company. The wider portion of the population recoils and stop purchasing the packaged products and as a result a huge loss is incurred to the company .

To keep a check on the quality of the food being packed and served , FSSAI came up with the idea of food quality training (FOSTAC) under ISO 22000 Food Quality standard for food industries .

VQMS training over food quality is designed to help students develop a hands-on approach to food safety and quality, while allowing them the opportunity to earn food safety certification.  

The other wider domain which cover Hotel Industry, Wine industry growth and development is WSET Training and professional certification. Students doing BSc food science, MSc , Microbiologist , Biotechnologist can look towards their career in those industries by strengthening their professional career.

This program is designed to be equally useful for entry level or ongoing career development in the food and beverage industry. The program incorporates the specialized knowledge and skills required to implement the fundamental principles of quality assurance.

Food industry looks towards various professional programs other than basic degree, is , FOSTAC trainings, ISO 22000 Trainings, ISO QMS standardsSix Sigma towards defect free working,

Government of India contemplated the problems related to the food industry and tried to create a mutual development of the industries and people of the country . In one hand where the industries have a dearth of food quality experts on the other hand there were talented unemployed people who lacked scope and knowledge to practice their skill.

Students can also have basic understanding through free knowledge development through our basic training material for Food Quality Training

But VQMS Pvt.Ltd . has made it all easy for the curious beginners to master this skill . We provide you the best platform , rigorous training ,daily assignments  that will make you the master of this trade . Do not let this pandemic hold you back . Be optimistic , grab this opportunity and alchemize the inner you ! You just need a little encouragement and motivation and VQMS is there to help you !

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