Franchisee Opportunities

When one hear the word franchisee most of us has this typical thought that a company which want to grow their business with a name of any renowned brand name.

A  “franchise” is a business relationship where somebody (the franchisee) allows somebody else (the franchisor) to sell his products and services using his brand, for a fee . Basically it is the official permission to sell a company’s goods or services in a particular area or a platform with certain rights.

What is a Franchise model  ?

Franchise is a model with huge benefits and least investment, least efforts, least task force and utmost Governance and financial earnings.

Franchise is that model which is a tested platform, where you reduces risk towards  time investment, finance investment, effort investment but sure to earn and expand.

What are types of Franchisee ?

  • Digital Franchisee –
  • Digital Franchisee is a model by which an individual as a proprietor or investor or women entrepreneurs will be able to achieve the goal of their business with the help of provided platform.
  • As digital franchisee is the cost efficient or cheaper way to start a franchisee, majorly franchisee starts with the  amount in between 1000$ and 5000$ varying towards location boundaries.
  • Digital Franchisee model nowadays helps in many ways for the company that are trying to achieve big as they will get a big platform with a great portfolio which they will be showing to the world.
  • Digital franchisee is a great model but it has a limited drawbacks, the one who is associated with this model or who owns the franchisee, will not be able to take any assets of the company like machinery and manpower.
  • Physical Franchisee
  • Physical franchisee is a model in which one gets the working space around 1500sq – 2500 Sq.Ft.  towards services related or education related or consultancy services.
  • As physical franchisee is more widely used way to start a franchisee, majorly franchisee starts with the  amount in between 5000$ and  35000$ varying towards location boundaries.
  • Franchisee are also been helped by the company assets for the work and brand growth development.
  • They will also be able to communicate with the clients on daily basis.
  • As like digital franchisee, Physical franchisee has drawbacks too, it will be too costly, you will have to maintain your physical presence, you will have to available for the clients as they required physically.

Who can avail Digital Franchisee :-

  • Freshers – Some graduates who think of their own start-up will be provided with a training and franchisee have a higher rate of success than start-up business.
  • Women – This will be very effective way for women to start their business as they will be provided with all necessary guidance and mentorship to grow their business.
  • Investor – Franchisee is always an easier option to invest rather than an independent business. Rate of success is always high as compared to other business. The return value is always higher.
  • HR consultant – Some people who are willing to start a business will be provided with the thorough guide in which they will be able to know how to create a business plan, how to recruit, how to make capital and many more.
  • College Faculties – towards supervision and mentoring freshers, and towards placements of freshers.

Benefits of Digital Franchisee :-

  • Digital Portfolio – In order to make a recognition of your business one has to built their portfolio to sell their product or to be in competition but here by availing this model they will already have the company’s portfolio which will help them in generating leads much easily.
  • Digital Presence – A company must requirement a digital presence but building a digital presence is time taking process and this model will help in conquer the same problem as they will be provided with the digital platform of the company they are taking the franchisee from.
  • No Team – When a company start it requires a team to handle different things and here you just have to start  a business without thinking of building a strong team as you will provided with the desired team.
  • No space – No work space is required for digital presence as it is costly.
  • No inventory – No heavy machinery is required as it will be costly to setup and no depreciation value will be charged so it will be easy to avail this model.
  • Knowledge of internet – In this generation everyone is known to the internet, these are some things will benefit by using the knowledge of internet as it is easy to get known to franchise model.
  • Helping Digital Franchisee by giving helping hand or team assistance, as per availability, with complete supervision towards revenue generation and through training support.

Drawbacks :-

Initial cost :-

  • When a small business start a franchisee, the only drawback that they have to face is they have to do the investment which is a bit costly, but definitely worth it, when it comes to get franchise from renowned company.

Sharing Profits :-

  • The business who have taken the model may have to pay a value as per the agreement which may lead in some sort of revenue problem, because of wrong commitments and no deliverables to clients.

Lack of privacy :-

  • The business will not have a complete control of privacy, as they will be working with the company by using their resources which may lead to lack of privacy.

Process to get Digital Franchisee?

  • In order to get digital franchisee, the interested persons will have to contact to the company, they will help them for the same.
    • Company would be requiring two ID proofs, Address Proofs, Photos, Contacts, two references
    • For connecting to the company from whom the franchisee is being purchased, it may be done through google meet, or a mail.

From whom to get franchisee :-

VQMSTM is a team of experienced professionals & experts in the field of the Quality & management for Training, Consultancy, Audit, Accreditation, Professional Certification & Outsourcing Services.

  • As per se, there is a strong urge in our society to come out century old saying “Developing Country” as a brand image to “Developed Country” status. To become developed country, we must have strong competitive edge in these two broad domains. Legality or Law used to be the benchmark for “Developed Country” and Quality is very essential tool to achieve this for future sustenance.
  • Our core leadership group comprises a team of corporate governance experts (Mentor, Trainer, Implementer, Educator, Knowledge booster & service providers) and experienced minds committed to the idea of giving knowledge and customer satisfaction for end users. This core group brings with it experience in terms of both business strategy as well as customer satisfaction across the globe.
  • One of the strongest reasons for our rapid growth has been the continuous dedication and strength of our team. What started off with just a vision today, which led to a consolidated group of professionals working closely to translate the vision into concrete functionality leading, in turn, to sustained ROI for a client group that today spans the entire globe.
  • At VQMSTM, Team consists of qualified professionals with certification like Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, ITIL Certified, Lead Auditors onto IT standard frameworks with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • At VQMS, Team consists of professionals with Graduation & Post graduation in relevant fields with utmost expertise over quality.
  • We have developed and delivered some of the best Team Building and Problem Solving Training Programs.
  • Our broad knowledge base and mix of expertise allows to assist clients from various needs analysis, strategic planning to implementation of programs such as Lean, Six Sigma, CMMi-3/5, TQM, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, etc.
  • That support effective team environments, which in turn enables clients to engage in continuous improvement activities and best practices (Total Quality).


  • Govt. Regn. No (CIN no .. 229559), under MCA, Regd. with Min of Corporate Affairs.
  • Member of MSME
  • Registered Trademark of VQMS Pvt Ltd.
  • An ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization
  • MSME Forum Awarded
  • Certificate from Central Vigilance Commission
  • Association with AIESEC and many renowned College -Universities
  • Accredited with International Accreditation (US)
  • Search VQMS at google and various social media platform towards feedback and customer satisfaction.

VQMSTM’s Franchise Program is aimed at empowering our Franchises to spread our specialized knowledge and skills to the wider market, enabling learners to upskill themselves and keep themselves market relevant.

This program encourages entrepreneurs who want to make a difference to the society and themselves.

How to proceed to get digital franchisee from VQMSTM 

Documents Required to become Franchise Business Partner :

  • Passport size photograph
  • KYC Documents (Aadhar Card , PAN card)
  • Franchise fees (Cheque / Bank Transfer)
  • Cancelled Cheque.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  Investment :-

  • This the best low investment opportunity,  to grow and develop your business.
  • Investment depends on the policy and the criteria you choose to go with.

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